Orphans' Courts

The Orphans’ Court specializes in handling cases involving wills and estates for deceased persons, the protection of minor’s assets and has jurisdiction over guardianship of the person for minor children. The Circuit Court and the Orphans’ Court share jurisdiction over matters involving guardianship of children. Guardianship of the person of minors is handled through the Circuit Court. The Orphans’ Court jurisdiction lies where neither a parent nor testamentary appointee is serving as guardian.

Elected By Voters To 4-Year Terms:

Lewyn S. Garrett, Chief Judge
(410) 396-5034
Michele Loewenthal, Associate Judge
(410) 396-5034
Charles G. Bernstein, Associate Judge
(410) 396-5034


Courthouse East, Room 311 
111 North Calvert St. 
Baltimore, MD 21202 
phone: (410) 396-5034